Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Its been a while since we´ve talked

So... there is so much to say and so much i want to tell you... Im not exactly sure how to start.

First, I´d LOVE to hear from you... Write me! My address is on the blog, and give your addresses, you have my email! So i dont have a cell phone Just yet... but i do have a house phone for the next month and a half. So... you should call me! my mom has this number, or you can email me and get it!

By the way you should seriously consider getting SKYPE... google it, and download it! its free! all you do is look me up Megan.Sievert and it will show you when im online, and we can talk for free by internet! OR you can call me from skype to a costa rican landline, which is seriously cheap! like 4 cents a minute! just make sure you get a headset so we can talk! but if you have a mac, its usually built in!

Im already half way through training! Its keeping me busy!
Spanish classes, technical and cultural classes... not to mention safety, security and health! Oh so fun!

Ive been traveling around too... Just got home from the top of Guanacaste! Traveled around, got to stay with a couple of volunteers and see there lives and projects there! Had my first beach visit, rivers, waterfalls and treks through the jungle. Loving the adventure!

I get to head up to Guanacaste again next weekend near the Volcano and Lake Arenal! super stoked! i get to go see and stay with a volunteer up there who is just finishing her service... see her life and all of her projects, which is fun cause it only gives me ideas for the future! Pictures to be posted soon!

I have my days... some good some bad ... but more than that im loving it here... and the good days far surpass the bad. and the bad is only derived from frustration, lonliness or even a sad longing to be with all of you!

But i find out my site in just 2 weeks! And i get more and more excited everyday about where i will be in the future! So excited about implementing creative projects! I feel like my program is made for me, i have the freedom to work in developement in such a manner that lets me do basically anything! Im excited to work in education, teaching lifestyle, english and even environmental awareness! I want to plant trees, make gardens, teach art classes, paint and use photography! I get to empower both young and old, in their lives and businesses. I get to teach sustainably organizational development. I am so passionate about all of this.

This is the perfect job description. it lets my mind wander and create. It lets me do what ive always longed to. To help in such a way that encompasses every manner of life.

This is my life.
I miss you