Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finding JOy

I find myself discovering true JOY.
I find myself like a child again. A free spirit, bathing in all that is beautiful.
The river. The ocean. The sunset. The trees.
I find myself in these things.
I find myself in expression, in art, nature and color.
I find myself on the shores of the beach captivated by the radiance of Gods creation. It overflows from my body into an insane freeflowing expression.
I dance.
You wanna talk about interpretive dance. I think im refining my expertise.
Im like a child again, regaining joy and bathing in it.

For now i will continue to live. To not contain the beauty of expression.
To rejoice in what is beautiful.
To live.

2 comments: said...

Megan here it is your birthday -- how I miss you and wish you were here to celebrate. I went to look at your beautiful pictures and saw your new blog -- mama's heart is glad that you're dancing and enjoying all that God(Elohim/creator)has created. So much beauty in it and I'm glad that on your 23rd birthday you are appreciating HIS majesty in creation. Love you and miss you, mom

Tara said...

Hey Megan! It's great to hear about your adventures in Costa Rica. What an awesome opportunity! Keep pouring your heart out to God and what He has for you because His plan is BIG.

Blessings from Down Under!