Saturday, October 25, 2008

Manuel Antonio, Celebrating CR Independence!


Greg♥Amelia said...

Hey Megan! I found a link for your blog on facebook. It looks like you're having a great time in Costa Rica! I love all the pictures! Hope all is well, take care, Amelia

pennyk said...

Hi Megan. You don't know me but I'll be the next group coming into Costa Rica in March.. and I'll be in the RCD program too so I figured I'd try to contact some current volunteers to get more info on what you guys do, how life is there, etc...

I was looking through all the photos you posted recently & the scenery there is absolutely beautiful!! And I'm sure it's even more so in person. =) Also, I can't believe you saw a quetzal!

Anyway, if you have any info/tips to help out the next group, please let me know. I'll probably be stopping in every now & then if I have any questions. Thanks for your time!

Megan Sievert said...

If you have any questions at all... just let me know! happy to help! - i can surely tell you i know what thats like! - and your actually almost leaving!

feel free to email me at

otherwise... just breathe. your off to a fabulous adventure! One you've only dreamed about. But its your to make what you make of it... So it will be amazing... trying at times... but so worthwhile!

--si vale la pena!--