Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dream Big. Live in Pursuit.

I have just completed 4 months in Costa Rica. But what really counts is One Month in site.
Nothing less than -the toughest job you´ll ever love- Im almost at a loss for words.

This is a dream that i have wanted to pursue most of my life. In complete honesty, ever since i´ve arrived at my site... I struggle. I have the world at my feet. I am in a community that asked for me to come along side them... and to be support and motivation.

One problem. A job title so vague it leaves me stranded in my own imagination... left there with so many ideas, so many possibilities... Im overhelmed... I don´t know where to start.

So im overwhelmed. Truth is, its my own fault, im fine.
Right now my work is basically to write up a Diagnostic of the Community, a Community Assessment Tool... Having studied Sociology... Im loving this-

This is a great tool for not only getting to know my community as a whole, its assests, resources as well as where we lack and social problems, but also the people in it... giving those who dont usually have a voice, a voice. I get to interview no less than 10% of a population of 1,200. I also am running around through Limòn interviewing Government Institutions and Programs that act as resources, often not utilized, especially by smaller, rural communities. Its research that once done, we as a community can together prioritize projects, and see what the community itself has voiced as assets and faults. Anyways, so far... this project has given me the opportunity to get involved in the heart of community life, politics and soak in what is real for this community... My job right now... is to know my community, know the people, build repore within them.

Because as we say... I dont work for the community, Im here to work with them. Its all about sustainable development.

Anyways, living this dream of mine... The reality is that everyday is an obstacle to climb, everyday I have to convince myself that I can live here... that I can do this. I mean its a whole different task to do community development in a culture and land so different from everything your accustumbed to. What once was common sense, is a sense that you only attain. We are so socialized, so cultured, without ever realizing it. I might not feel all that capable... but I do believe i have something to offer, however minute. I will allow myself to live my dream, to dream big, and then pursue it. To chase unity, community, and development.

So ill continue to chase the dream, blindfolded or not, its all about the pursuit.


jakeyv said...

Hey. Looks like you are having an interesting time down there, but like you said you are down there for a reason and you will be doing some good stuff down there. BTW when I got back I had some In-n-Out animal style fries, double-double, and the chocolate vanilla shake like I said I would. I was tasty. Keep on fightin' the good fight. Take care.
i already miss it down there.