Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello Banana Plantations

May 18th Start new life yet again. Self-Entitled “Hello Banana Plantations.”

What can I tell you… Hot, humid, sticky, sancudos (large mosquitos… which leads me to tell you I live in the Dengue & Malaria capital of Costa Rica), monkeys, sporadicly frequent aguacerros (downpours), bats in the house, pig farm in the backyard, roosters, chickens, chumpipes (wild turkeys), lets not forget my 2 baby goats that we nurse… If you will, they remind me of Rudolph from the old school Christmas movie with the clay figures, prancing around the house. When I said aguacerros I meant it… It just started pouring so hard I cant even hear myself think, and I might be a little scared I might be in for my first community flood, did I mention it floods? Anyways, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. What else… Okay, there are two means of getting to the beach that lies just about 5 km away, by panga(boat) in the many canals that line the coast or by carretilla(contraption made to coast on the rail road track by parts of a bicycle hooked to a board on rail wheels) you just have to be careful of the train, and the only drawback of the canals are the crocodiles.

Rio Sucio found on the Interstate between San Jose and LimònThe beauty that is the Bay in Puerto Limòn
Parque Vargas in Puerto Limòn

My house... also a local Pulperìa
A must. My hammock
My beautiful bed.
Our baby goat Pintada. As if one wasnt enough... now theres 2.
The view in front of my house.
Typical house in Limòn... my neighbor. Notice the monkey.
Their Monkey Florcita.
This is what we call transportation. Carretillo.
One of the many Canals. Fishing and transportation.
Yes. I fish too.
A Bridge.
Sister Vivi and friends.
The crab.
Going to the Beach by Panga.
When we go to the Beach in Carretillo we pass on this bridge.
Our Panga. And Vivi.
I believe this is a Sloth.
Ellinori and Vivi. My sisters.
Life is beautiful.